Night time routine?


The most relaxing time in the day should be at night, you should have a beauty routine to get your face ready for the night of dry bed covers,- horrible thought-
I first use the Nivea eye makeup remover to take any makeup left on my face off, after washing it. Then I use the Nivea cleanser and toner moisturiser whilst I am just getting ready for bed then I rinse that off and use the simple night cream, I love this night cream it’s a lovely texture that is quite thick so goes on your face very smoothly!
Now it’s time for the friends DVDs to come out and the fluffy blanket, all I really need is hot chocolate, any takers?


Socks over toys?


It puzzles me that my dogs has so many toys but she likes socks the most? They much smell?

However she is looking very quilty on this picture haha !

Book to read!


This book is called the impact code, the author asks you to try and write in the book to circle your favourite parts, it’s focused on the idea of ‘ living the life you think you deserve’ and everyone is able to live the life they want but people find it harder than others, this book alongside therapy and tablets and let me plateau onto a level of being able to cope! I have tried my fair share of self help books but this is different so I would encourage anyone to give it a go if you suffer from mental health issues!

stay strong!

BB creams?


I have tried a few BB creams and tinted moisturises and I cant get a good colour match? The simple BB cream is very dark when it says it’s a universal colour but it did leave skin so soft! I’ve been advised to try the bodyshop BB cream and primer so think I may aswell try that out? The Nivea tinted moisturiser came out very thick and went on my skin very hard but did leave a nicer subtle colour? Ergh can’t win?! Hahaha

Common Core: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality


Last year, I wrote the post “How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child.”  It struck a nerve with parents and teachers across the country as we all were adjusting to the new Common Core State Standards. I wrote it on a night where everything went wrong and homework was a nightmare for my then third grade son. That day had also been particularly difficult at work as I had begun to teach the first common core module unit to my ninth graders. After the kids went to bed, I wrote. By morning, the response was overwhelming. Two weeks later, I still had parents commenting on the change they had seen in their children due to school.

A year later, almost to the date, the post is making its way onto people’s newsfeed again and I’m getting the same comments from concerned parents and teachers.  It’s been a…

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