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Bath with zoella beauty!

Hello bloggerinas
I have had a very busy week so I had a lovely bath last night and I tried out Zoe sugg aka zoella’s bath products and just to start off, if you havernt heard of zoella where have you been? She is amazing and is an inspiration to me!
So I thought I would try out her products and if I didn’t like then I would totally say but these products smell so fresh and pretty! I love them! I used the fizz bar and the bath cream and my bathroom smelt delicious and the water made my skin feel like silk! I love it and I’m for sure going to buy again! I also love the fact the bath cream doubles as a shower cream aswell! After trying these out I think I am going to get some more from her collection today!

Feel refresh and ready for the day!
Hope you have a good day everyone
Love you x


One two three and relax!


Hello bloggerinas!!
So I’ve just got home from work and I am exhausted, after working 6 days this week so it’s been a good weeks work!
However it’s time to relax now so I have my favourite candle out and time for a little lie down! I find routines like this very good as it’s relaxes my brain from the stress of work, also gives me time to reflect and write in my success book! Tonight I am going to get a bath bomb and have a lovely bath and then have a little pamper evening!!
Can’t wait!

Book to read!


This book is called the impact code, the author asks you to try and write in the book to circle your favourite parts, it’s focused on the idea of ‘ living the life you think you deserve’ and everyone is able to live the life they want but people find it harder than others, this book alongside therapy and tablets and let me plateau onto a level of being able to cope! I have tried my fair share of self help books but this is different so I would encourage anyone to give it a go if you suffer from mental health issues!

stay strong!

Common Core: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality


Last year, I wrote the post “How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child.”  It struck a nerve with parents and teachers across the country as we all were adjusting to the new Common Core State Standards. I wrote it on a night where everything went wrong and homework was a nightmare for my then third grade son. That day had also been particularly difficult at work as I had begun to teach the first common core module unit to my ninth graders. After the kids went to bed, I wrote. By morning, the response was overwhelming. Two weeks later, I still had parents commenting on the change they had seen in their children due to school.

A year later, almost to the date, the post is making its way onto people’s newsfeed again and I’m getting the same comments from concerned parents and teachers.  It’s been a…

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Autumnal Glow…

Vintage Reflection


It’s Conker Season!

Autumn is in full swing but almost to the point that we’ve bypassed the autumnal weather and headed straight into cold winter days, well thats if the last couple of days are anything to go by! However when the sun is shining (and it’s not raining) its great getting outside and walk Coco.
I’m debuting my new coat, with it being officially coat weather now! I’m also wearing a faux fur scarf from Wallis, I got it on my uniform discount for a mer £10!! Yikes, I should get one in every colour.. haha! I think a scarf can really change the look of a coat, I think this boyfriend style camel coat will lend its self to lots of different styles and scarfs! To let the coat do the talking I opted for an all black outfit.


What I’m wearing –

Coat & Jeans – Topshop


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The Awful Emotional and Financial Toll of Dementia

My nana had dimentia and was the hardest disease to cope! More help needs to be offered may she rest in peace! I am a proud granddaughter!


Lost too often in the discussion about a cure has been a much more basic, more immediate, and in many ways more important question: How can we better care for those who suffer from the disease? Dementia comes with staggering economic consequences, but it?s not the drugs or medical interventions that have the biggest price tag; it?s the care that dementia patients need. Last year, a landmark Rand study identified dementia as the most expensive American ailment. The study estimated that dementia care purchased in the marketplace—including nursing-home stays and Medicare expenditures—cost $109 billion in 2010, more than was spent on heart disease or cancer. ?It?s so costly because of the intensity of care that a demented person requires,? Michael Hurd, who led the study, told me. Society spends up to $56,000 for each dementia case annually, and the price of dementia care nationwide increases to $215 billion per year…

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Mental health is a hard concept for many people to grasp. Theres an unneccersary stigma that needs to be removed! ive suffered from an anxiety disorder since 15 and its hard, life throuws its hurdles and you have no choice but to deal with them. i wanting to let people know that you will be okay and everything shall pass!

Things take time so dont give up

‘pain demands to be felt’

love katie louise xo