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Metallic nails


So I’ve just done my nails and I have used a new vanish I got from Avon,( company in the uk ) the colour is called romance and it is a gorgeous sleek purple/ silver colour I thought it would be darker but I really love how it has come out because I only like to wear light/pastel colours on my finger nails so I love this one! I also used the Avon corrector pen!
Last but not least BARRY M, base/top coat and nail hardener, I love this! Barry m do amazing nail vanishes and this top coat is one of the best I have tried! It dries really well and gives a lovely hard professional finish!
I am just going to add on that I keep really good care of my hand and nails because as I have grew up my mum always taught me to look after my hands because everyone you meet will see your hands. At the moment I am using the Nivea hand cream every day and I also have antibacterial gel and vasaline ‘strong nails’ hand cream which I love aswell, in my hand bag. It’s really good idea too keep stuff like this in your bag because the moment you need them you won’t have them!

Top tips!
I keep stuff like that in a little cosmetic bag along with wipes, lip balm, plaster, bobby pins and parcetomol! I call this my rescue bag, I also have some little random things but I think I will put a separate blog post on that!

Me thinks, me thinks so too!



So guys I’ve just got out of the bath and wanted to show you my bath because it was super cute and relaxing!
I also had a little mini Yankee candle on so my bathroom smelt like a lush shop!! :0
I’m just about to start doing my nails and I might get a face mask on but we shall see!!
I love nights like this were it’s just me and my mind, and I have a night to relax and recuperate! I like to try do this every week because I find it very good for my anxiety because I wake up super fresh and ready for the day! It also gives me chance to spoil myself with my lovely lotions and potions!

Hope it’s not just me hahha 🙂

Smile guys, hope you are all well!

Christmas come early?


It arrived! A huge Avon order that really damaged my wage- opps!!
I really wanted to try new makeup so it mostly consisted of blue and white eye liner and eyeshadow pencils, which I can’t wait to use! I also got new nail vanish and because it’s autumn and it’s getting colder, I’ve got some warmer shades for toe nails and lighter more neutral colours for my finger nails, for me I really prefer lighter colours on my finger nails as dark ones just don’t look as nice and look too ”out” there!

Night time routine?


The most relaxing time in the day should be at night, you should have a beauty routine to get your face ready for the night of dry bed covers,- horrible thought-
I first use the Nivea eye makeup remover to take any makeup left on my face off, after washing it. Then I use the Nivea cleanser and toner moisturiser whilst I am just getting ready for bed then I rinse that off and use the simple night cream, I love this night cream it’s a lovely texture that is quite thick so goes on your face very smoothly!
Now it’s time for the friends DVDs to come out and the fluffy blanket, all I really need is hot chocolate, any takers?