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new page?


so i have just done a new page on my blog talking about my anxiety and just getting the details about my story, i didnt know i would feel so good after sharing my story, i just want anyone with anxiety to not feel like your alone, it is very common but yes some people have it worse than others but it will get better and you will happy 🙂

if you are having a bad day just remember that  you are special!

love love xox



So guys I’ve just got out of the bath and wanted to show you my bath because it was super cute and relaxing!
I also had a little mini Yankee candle on so my bathroom smelt like a lush shop!! :0
I’m just about to start doing my nails and I might get a face mask on but we shall see!!
I love nights like this were it’s just me and my mind, and I have a night to relax and recuperate! I like to try do this every week because I find it very good for my anxiety because I wake up super fresh and ready for the day! It also gives me chance to spoil myself with my lovely lotions and potions!

Hope it’s not just me hahha 🙂

Smile guys, hope you are all well!

One two three and relax!


Hello bloggerinas!!
So I’ve just got home from work and I am exhausted, after working 6 days this week so it’s been a good weeks work!
However it’s time to relax now so I have my favourite candle out and time for a little lie down! I find routines like this very good as it’s relaxes my brain from the stress of work, also gives me time to reflect and write in my success book! Tonight I am going to get a bath bomb and have a lovely bath and then have a little pamper evening!!
Can’t wait!



Mental health is a hard concept for many people to grasp. Theres an unneccersary stigma that needs to be removed! ive suffered from an anxiety disorder since 15 and its hard, life throuws its hurdles and you have no choice but to deal with them. i wanting to let people know that you will be okay and everything shall pass!

Things take time so dont give up

‘pain demands to be felt’

love katie louise xo