Hey bloggerinas!
I wanted this to be on a separate page because I feel very passionate about mental health and how culture these days attaches a stigma to it just because its a disease of the mind!
I have suffered from a really bad anxiety disorder from the age of 14. I felt like I was the only one particularly up to the age of 16 through my gcse’s. When I got to doing my a levels everything took a downward spiral really I ended getting counselling and going on tablets, having suffered from a breakup that lasted 7 months and not very supportive friends I ended up being out on stronger tablets. With these tablets and my anxiety my friends weren’t supportive and many distances the self from me for reasons unknown and I have given up on hope of getting answers. I was angry and lonely this obviously made my anxiety worse I had to have 3 weeks of college and I found it all very very hard and I really would of preferred not to even go into college. By this time I was 18 and having the pressures of going out drinking and partying I tried to keep up with my friends but it all really was too much as I aren’t suppose to drink on tablets so my friends got annoyed that I couldn’t go out and wouldn’t ever change plans for me. I would do anything for my friends and I wish they would of been more supportive as I really am doing it all alone which I have come to terms with really because I am the only person that is in charge of my future really. I am very lucky though to have a really understanding mum and friends at work. Things are better now but life is full of hurdles that I will always face and I will always suffer from anxiety it’s just how I deal with them hurdles.
So this was my story there’s many more but really don’t want to bore people to death!

‘Pain demands to be felt ‘

‘This shall too pass’


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