Metallic nails


So I’ve just done my nails and I have used a new vanish I got from Avon,( company in the uk ) the colour is called romance and it is a gorgeous sleek purple/ silver colour I thought it would be darker but I really love how it has come out because I only like to wear light/pastel colours on my finger nails so I love this one! I also used the Avon corrector pen!
Last but not least BARRY M, base/top coat and nail hardener, I love this! Barry m do amazing nail vanishes and this top coat is one of the best I have tried! It dries really well and gives a lovely hard professional finish!
I am just going to add on that I keep really good care of my hand and nails because as I have grew up my mum always taught me to look after my hands because everyone you meet will see your hands. At the moment I am using the Nivea hand cream every day and I also have antibacterial gel and vasaline ‘strong nails’ hand cream which I love aswell, in my hand bag. It’s really good idea too keep stuff like this in your bag because the moment you need them you won’t have them!

Top tips!
I keep stuff like that in a little cosmetic bag along with wipes, lip balm, plaster, bobby pins and parcetomol! I call this my rescue bag, I also have some little random things but I think I will put a separate blog post on that!

Me thinks, me thinks so too!


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